Deal1: Dual-layer Premium Silicone Collection DEAL!

$49.99 USD
  • The silicone bands are very long lasting and impervious to sunlight and most liquids.  However, the silicone bands are less stretchy than opaque and jelly bands.
  • This special collection deal includes the following items:
    • NEW Rainbow Loom® Complete Package with Metal Hook
    • Rainbow Loom® XL Storage Case/box, Made in USA, Outer Dimensions: 15.25"x14.125"x2.125"
    • Heroic Mixed (Medieval 300) Band
    • Shining Armor Mixed (Medieval 300) Band
    • Satin Mixed (Persian 300) Band
    • Spice Mixed (Persian 300) Band
    • Cleopatra Mixed (Egyptian 300) Band
    • Butterfly Mixed (Pearl 300) Band
    • Fantasia Mixed (Pearl 300) Band
    • Blue/Pink (Galaxy 300) Band
    • Pink/Yellow (Galaxy 300) Band
    • Green/Blue (Galaxy 300) Band
    • Green/Pink (Galaxy 300) Band
    • Yellow/Pink (Galaxy 300) Band
    • Pink/Blue (Galaxy 300) Band

Due to its heavy weight and large size, postage for this item is higher if shipped outside Continental USA.  Postage will be automatically calculated by the shopping cart. 

All authentic Rainbow Loom® products, including this product, have been certified to not contain harmful phthalates or other harmful substances, and meet U.S. government toy safety standards. Beware of “look-alike” counterfeit products that may contain harmful substances. Please purchase from this website or our authorized retailers to ensure that you are purchasing the authentic Rainbow Loom® products.

WARNING: Not for children under 3 years due to potential choking hazards.

Patents: US 8,684,420, US 8,485,565, US D696,576