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Please be aware that there are many fake/counterfeit Rainbow Loom® products available online and at stores. Please purchase genuine Rainbow Loom® products from our authorized retailers or at this site. Click here to learn about the danger of counterfeits and how to spot them. Rubber bands and other looming kits and accessories are also vulnerable to being counterfeited. Click here to learn how to identify a number of fake products, including those sold in the UK and elsewhere outside the US.

News Articles:

These Fifth Grade Entrepreneurs Are Adding a Little Color to the World
In the midst of dueling hurricanes, a pandemic and just way too much stress, today I offer a bit of hope for the future. Let me introduce you to The Color Company. Read More...

For Crafton Elementary school students, loom business is booming
Crafton Elementary School has two young entrepreneurs with customers lining up at lunch with money in hand. But rather than purchasing food, they are waiting to place orders for Rainbow Loom items. Read More...

Kids learn how to use Rainbow Loom at Dexter Library craft event
Kaitlin Helmholtz loves using a loom to create bracelets, charms and figurines, but that hobby can be expensive. On Monday, she led a craft workshop using two household forks taped together to show other girls how to master the art cheaply. Read More...

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