Part 1/4: Loom with

Speed Loom & Dual Hook

Before you start the video, be sure to grab your Speed Loom and Dual Hook!

2 Ways to Measure your Chains

Rubber Band Count

Before you start looming, you can count the number of bands that is needed

for your chain to be completed OR you can also count your bands one by one

as you place them on your Speed Loom.

Measuring Guide

Begin by aligning both your speed Loom and rubber bands on the measuring

guide in the instruction manual. Be sure that the first two bands on the loom are lined up

with the gray line. Then straighten, not stretch, the chain to get the accurate measurements.

Part 2/4: Complete the Chain

Once you have completed looming and measuring all your chains,

it is time to take out the Loomie Hook and put it to use :)

Running into an issue while completing the chain?

Learn how to fix your chain if your rubber band breaks

⚠️ Be sure to have Chains A through D completed

before moving on to the next steps! ⚠️